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Month One: It’s Vegan Time

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So recently I’ve put on some weight. I tried to ignore it while cramming anything that wasn’t nailed down into my mouth, but I’m getting actual stomach pains from too-tight britches, so this needs to stop. I quit drinking alcohol about 2 1/2 months ago, and since this time I’ve replaced my drinking with eating. It’s ridiculous what one does to oneself while trying to find some escape from the loudness of four children. Anyway, so as not to start looking like a minivan-driving soccer mom (wait…too late), I’m getting myself under control. Starting now, of course, because I hate to wait for anything.

A little background on my eating: At the beginning of 2009, I lost a good amount of weight on Weight Watchers. I was meticulous about my food journal and can tell you the point value of any food known to man. Well, screw points. I will cut points in the face. I just can’t bring myself to do it this time around. I’ve been trying to figure out which method I want to take to lose the weight…I’ve toyed with the ideas of Sugar Busters, Atkins, some weird cleanse that makes you not fit for public places, etc. and what I’ve decided to do is go vegan. Well, sorta vegan. I’m wearing leather and eating local honey, so if that makes me irritate true vegans, I totally understand. But, for the sake of brevity, that’s what I’m calling this diet. I feel the need for more fruits and veggies, less dairy and meat and processed crap, so voila, vegan makes sense to me.

I’ve gone dairy-free and vegan before. Dairy-free due to an overly gassy and irritable breastfeeding baby, and vegan just as a challenge. It lasted until I went on vacation to the beach. Buttered crab legs did me in. (usually it’s bacon I can’t resist….mmm, bacon.) I didn’t find the vegan diet to be too difficult, but then again, Whole Foods is available to me, so that helps a bunch. Last time, however, I got physically tired, so I’m going to watch my protein intake as well as make sure I’m getting good quality calorie-dense foods (but not so much that my booty grows).

So, here goes a month of exploring new foods and finding alternatives to butter, chicken, milk, eggs, and crab legs. Yikes.
If you’re interested in joining me, holla.
Also, I love advice, so please share if you got it!

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